Why get listed on a local business directory?

What you need to know.

We all want to get our website some form of exposure when it comes to getting sales leads. Here at Daker, we suggest that the very basic form of exposure is to first get your website listed on a local business directory listing such as Yelp for example, as it can help in your future rankings on Google and it is FREE. So we have compiled a list of directories that will provide your website with a decent online presence as well as save you on your marketing budget.

Therefore in a nutshell about local business directory listings,

  • Business directories enjoy high traffic, hence redirecting traffic to your website
  • Linking from these directories tells Google your site is a REAL business
  • Increase citations. Citations are crucial for local SEO ranking

Top 20 free business directory list for Singapore

WebsiteCostAlexa Rank
ST PropertyFree33,955
Street DirectoryFree8,595
ST DirectoryFree40,722
Green BookFree117,676
SME Tool KitFree40,002
Pan PagesFree606,959
Anglo InfoFree8,328
Singapore AdviceFree1,185,999
Times Business DirectoryFree667,957
Hot FrogFree 315,046
TuugoFree 274,766
KompassFree 5,282
Singapore MirrorFree 657,878
Business ListFree 323,376
Business FinderFree 2,045,939
Directory SGFree 6,087,702

SEO ranking

We hope that this list will help you in your journey for a better ranked website. There are other methods that can help your SEO Ranking but that is another tale for another day.

If not you can contact us to get a free consultation on the SEO ranking services we can provide you to get your website ranked higher in Google.