SEO services made easy for you

Do you need WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that is hassle-free and cost effective? Here at Daker we provide such a service. All you need is a WordPress website or get one from ThemeForest and we will do the rest. With a low monthly fee of just $59.90, we will optimize 5 key pages on your website. This is what we term as on-page optimization. On these pages we will identify and optimize 3 keywords, yes, three!

So what WordPress SEO magic do we conjure to make this happen?

Use Perfect Keyword Decoration To Entice Google

Keywords in the right places at the right frequency lets Google feel at home and instantly know what your site is all about. That’s what Matt Cutts, the head of webspam at Google, says every website marketer should concentrate on doing.

Fine Tune Your Link Network For A Flawless Crawl

A perfect cross-linking strategy enhances the browser experience of your prospect and increases average time spent. More customer engagement means more sales. Also lowers your site’s bounce rate which leads to Google taking you seriously.

Sneak Into The Market With Targeted Meta Content

Meta keywords and description are the hidden signal that is intended to tell the search engine bots what your page is about. Descriptions shows up in search engine results as preview results that helps boost click throughs.

Prevent The Over-Optimization Trap & Penalization

The ranking criteria of major search engines keeps changing and from time to time, you might have to lower your keyword density. Always check and control the keyword density across your website so google takes it as a “natural” site.

Grab Side Door Traffic By Clever ImageOptimization

Big Idea – People who search for images can be your prospects too! Optimize images and next thing you know, you have a side door traffic stream.

Safely Boost Rankings Overnight With Social SEO Analytics

These days, everyone is trying to game Google with various link building strategies. And through updates like Penguin and Panda, Big G is trying to fight them. But there is one thing called Social Engagement Signals which Google trusts eyes closed.

LSI Keywords — Up The Ante & Dominate Your Niche

Long tail’s influence is ever increasing. Google has confirmed that by using more relevant, related keywords helps your page typically rank better and faster. So aside from the main focus keywords, the related keywords are the ones you should try to rank next.

Tell Em You’re Kind Of A Big Deal With Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are getting a lot of attention as they tend to increase the click through rate by up to 30% for your search result. This works as avirtual highlighter for your content among search results and gets your prospect to check you out.

Create Money Magnets & Attract Qualified Prospects

Write persuasive content that not only convinces the readers to take action but also gives them immediate solutions that they could use to get the results in advance. Initially it may sound so overwhelming but in the long term will help make your sales process a breeze as these money magnets will be working for you 24/7, for years to come.

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