Itemised Payslips Regulations in Singapore

From 1 April 2016, it is mandatory for all Singapore employers to issue itemised payslips to employees covered under the Employment Act. Those who fail to issue itemised payslips or give incomplete or inaccurate payslips will be fined by the Ministry of Manpower.

Requirements to Issue Payslips

  • Employers in Singapore must issue itemised payslips to all employees covered by the Employment Act
  • Employee payslip(s) should be issued at least once a month, within 7 days after the last day of that month
  • Employee payslip(s) must be given together with the payment to employees. If this could not be done, it has to be given within three working days of payment
  • If an employee is dismissed or has his contract terminated, employers should issue the payslips with the payment of any outstanding salary or dismissal/termination payment, where the payslips should itemize such payments
  • Itemised payslips can be issued in the form of soft or hard copy (including handwritten ones).

Items to include

Pay slips must include the items below which is based on the MOM payslip template, unless an item is not applicable. For example, if overtime pay does not apply to you, your pay slip need not include items 9 to 11. If payments are made more than once a month, employers can consolidate pay slips. The consolidated pay slip must contain details of all payments made since the last pay slip.

  1. Full name of employer.
  2. Full name of employee.
  3. Date of payment (or dates, if the pay slips consolidates multiple payments).
  4. Basic salary
    For hourly, daily or piece-rated workers, indicate all of the following:

    • Basic rate of pay, e.g. $X per hour.
    • Total number of hours or days worked or pieces produced.
  5. Start and end date of salary period.
  6. Allowances paid for salary period, such as:
    • All fixed allowances, e.g. transport.
    • All ad-hoc allowances, e.g. one-off uniform allowance.
  7. Any other additional payment for each salary period, such as:
    • Bonuses
    • Rest day pay
    • Public holiday pay
  8. Deductions made for each salary period, such as:
    • All fixed deductions (e.g. employee’s CPF contribution).
    • All ad-hoc deductions (e.g. deductions for no-pay leave, absence from work).
  9. Overtime hours worked.
  10. Overtime pay.
  11. Start and end date of overtime payment period (if different from item 5 start and end date of salary period).
  12. Net salary paid in total.

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